How Do MAZDA Crossovers Compare to SUVs? 

mazda crossover

Many customers come to us to browse a wide selection of performance-centric MAZDA sedans, but we also have Mazda crossover and SUV options that are just as worthy of consideration. At first glance, these two body styles can seem extremely similar to one another, but there are a number of mechanical differences that can affect your decision between an SUV and a crossover. To help you better understand the nuances, our team at El Dorado Mazda has created this comparison.

Platform & Construction

The biggest difference between crossovers and SUVs is the platform that they’re built on. Crossovers benefit from unibody construction, a unique design that allows for the body and frame of the vehicle to be built in a single piece. This results in a lighter vehicle with better efficiency and an overall better experience behind the wheel.

On the other hand, SUVs like the MAZDA CX-50 are built using a body-on-frame design where the body and frame are built separately before being put together. This gives you a much more rugged vehicle capable of bigger performance and towing large payloads.

The Size Difference

Since SUVs are built to withstand the elements and allow you to carry large hauls, they are usually bigger than crossover vehicles. Crossovers can vary in size, ranging anywhere from compact to full-sized like a standard SUV.

MAZDA crossovers like the Mazda CX-5 offer all of the great benefits that come with crossovers while maintaining a larger size for enhanced capabilities and performance.

AWD vs 4WD

The crossover vehicles we have for sale typically implement standard front-wheel-drive systems, but you can upgrade to all-wheel drive as necessary. Since SUVs are more focused on performance, they tend to be rear-wheel-drive vehicles with 4WD systems that promote off-roading and traveling through difficult terrain.

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