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You have decided to purchase a vehicle. Starting off, you spend hours researching relevant websites, asking opinions of family and friends, narrowing down your top contenders. Top choices in mind, you set out to test drive. The test drive – you’re met with the hard sell. Pressure, egos, and games….they all distract from the fun shopping experience. By the time you’ve left the dealership you’re worn out and frazzled, and it might only be the first on your list. The purchase – you’ve found the vehicle of your dreams, decided on color, trim level, accessories….and price. Sticker price? Invoice price? Sales price, internet pricing, incentives and rebates you may or may not qualify for, or discounts that vanish upon arrival. Surprise charges and fees pop up in the fine print, and by the time you’re in Finance you’re hoping to sign and head home as soon as possible.

You deserve something different…..it’s your time, your vehicle, your needs.

Car Buying Done Right